Chapter 1

Assembling the Team

Ryan and Edward found the Calypso’s Revenge in the Wharf, drydocked with a crane unloading a heavy piece of cargo. After Edward set himself up on a nearby rooftop, Ryan talked his way past Omar, the ship’s guard, with a bottle of scotch. He sat down with Aran, and proceeded to explain the situation for him, hoping the pirate would come quietly. Just as they were about to come to an agreement, Omar’s head exploded. Quickly explaining that it was the fault of a third party, Ryan joined Aran in looking for cover. Ryan analyzed the body, and determined that the bullet came from a military-grade rifle to the east. A second shot shattered a window behind Aran. They passed around a spyglass, looking east, until Alex saw the glint of a scope on a building east-by-northeast to their position. Kamnan started to aim in that direction, but could not spot the shooter. Edward, due to his vantage point, could. He fired once into the shooter’s left leg, and again into his right arm. The killer bled out on the rooftop before anyone could get to him. Aran scavenged the rifle and ammunition from the body, and the police found a Russian insignia on his shoulder. Aran flinched away at that, and agreed to come to Scotland Yard for protection. After docking the ship in a warehouse, Lester debriefed Edward and called in Maxie to lift the cargo out. She did so easily, astounding Ryan and impressing Aran. Lester found an ether sail punctured by a bullet, and told Aran to replace it. The captain instead fast-talked his way into a replacement sail and a $9,500 stipend.
Two weeks passed. The group visited Maxie’s performance, and she got to know them all a little better. Ryan shared his weapon plans with Edward, and they began construction. And someone was murdered. Stabbed thirty-nine times and violated, Ryan and Edward were assigned to her case. Aran offered to help, and the three went to the body to see what they could find. Ryan analyzed the body and saw that the violation had occurred while the victim was still alive, but that many of the stab wounds occurred post-mortem. Aran went into a nearby pub and asked the bartender if he knew anything about the girl. He implied she was a working girl, often seen in the pub, and she had left with a big guy around dawn. Edward questioned other girls on the corner, and one of them told them to ask her pimp, David. The group entered a tenant house centered around a high density of prostitutes, and looked up all the rooms housing a “David” in the building. Edward found the correct one, and determined the pimp to be teleporter. Something blocked his power that morning, however, which meant they were looking for an anti-psi. Visiting Maxie, they asked about any large anti-psis in the area. She flew them over to a shack on the outskirts of town, and told them Jerry lived there. He wasn’t home. They flew at low heights away from the house to find Jerry, and they got him when they found their faces impacting gravel. A little scuffed up, Ryan tried to get Jerry to turn himself in. Edward chased him when he ran, and Ryan cuffed him. He was thrown in Scotland Yard, and two more weeks passed.
During a night of heavy drinking, Aran confessed something to Edward. The reason he drank so heavily around psions was because he got a headache around them, one that increased in severity the longer he spent in their presence. But Maxie gave him the worst, because she was so powerful. Ryan suggested they visit her to have her probe the pirate’s mind, and maybe see if there was a reason for this mental block. Once in Maxie’s room, Aran was more than a little scared to go through with it, but Maxie quieted him down. She probed his mind, but only cam back with one word: Helang. Aran rushed out of the room while Ryan questioned Maxie further. After the Investigator visited Aran outside, the pirate told him about his past, and what Helang meant to him.
The next week was the wedding. After Lily walked down the aisle and the bride and groom stood face to face, all hell broke loose. Aran, the best man, crashed through the large stained-glass window as his entrance. He acted respectfully once he was in the wedding, but his entrance was a little nerve-wracking. The lovely couple kissed after sharing their vows, and were bound in holy matrimony.


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