Chapter 2

A Death in the Family

Ryan’s life was threatened by a strange woman. Shaken by this, he tried to find Jerry in jail to question him again. Instead, he found a body drained of it’s blood in his cell. When Edward asked the guard why there was no one else in the cell, he replied that Jerry had been put in solitary for fighting with the other inmates. Specifically, Matumbo O’Shaugnnessy. Ryan questioned Matumbo and found out that Jerry was hated within the prison for being an antipsi before Edward shoved the inmate. Ryan defused the potential fight, thanked the guard, and left. Several days passed, and the two were assigned to another murder. The victim had her abdomen partially cut open and her throat slit twice. They found out she was another prostitute, and tried unsuccessfully to find her pimp. All they could get was his name, Jimmy X. They all searched for this man for nearly a week before Ryan began to give up hope. He went to Aran, asking to join his crew. Aran flatly refused to let him be a boarder, he didn’t have the physicality for it, but he would allow him safe passage out of the country. Ryan thanked him and went to the University to tell Lily. She refused to leave. She claimed her work thee was too important. She finally reneged when he told her of the danger, and they went home to pack their bags. On their way to the Calypso’s Revenge, the threat was carried out. Ryan received a knife in his stomach, and Lily couldn’t heal him with the materials she had. They said their final goodbyes, and the last thing Ryan saw was his wife getting choked by a stranger.


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