Chapter 3


Aran woke to the news of Ryan’s death. He accepted an invitation to the Delvene estate for Ryan’s wake, meeting Maxie and Ryan’s brother there. Edward was notably absent. After a short toast, James called a small group of people to a back room at Ryan’s executor’s request. James read aloud Ryan’s will, and granted certain items and praises to individuals. Edward received a longsword, Maxie received a mail embroidered shirt, Aran received a chest harness with a glowing gem in the center, Edward received six bullets, and James received two pistols and a shotgun. Lester was told to back off from any investigation of Ryan’s death, and he did so gladly. Finally, James read a transcript Ryan wrote of his encounter with the attacker, clearing up a few questions the group had. They drank the night away, and went back to London early in the morning.
The next day, everyone had a constable find them and give a message from Lester: The Russians are back, and they stole the mech. James, not caring much about this ‘Russian’ business, decided to investigate his brother’s murder instead. Due to the time between the event and his investigation, he couldn’t find much. Aran came out and helped him, providing the details and circumstances surrounding the Inspector’s death. As Aran walked back to his ship, his right leg was shattered by a rifle bullet. Looking up, everyone was blinded by the sun’s glare as it came out from behind a cloud. A few more shots missed Aran and the rest of the group, and they began to fire back. The captain killed the soldier who shot him, Maxie shielded herself, Edward ran to a nearby rooftop, and James started running towards Aran’s position. Edward managed to kill several soldiers once he was on the roof, and Aran fired off a few more shots while his crew carried him away. James seemed to speed up, and fired off six shots, three in each direction, in the span of a second. Each one found its mark. However, he also shot at Edward, who dropped his gun and drew his longswords. Jumping from the roof, the Chief Inspector swung his swords mightily down at James… and one of them shattered on Maxie’s skin. She had seen the situation and dropped down to shield James. Demanding to know what was going on, Edward received a second letter from Ryan that James had kept from everybody. It detailed the nature of James’ powers and how he was unique. He was a psion, but his abilities could only affect what he could touch, or more often, his own body. He made himself faster, stronger, better, but he can’t affect anything at a range. Maxie, upon learning James was a psion, asked if he had been to the Etherwood. He said he hadn’t, and she made a plan for them to go together soon.


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