Chapter 4

Mech v Spinal Battery

Aran interrogated James over his powers, labeling him a liability. Maxie and James both argued in his defence, and the captain eventually relented in favor of getting something done. They all went to Murphy Moore, one of Ryan’s psionic healers, and he fixed up Edward’s chest easily. However, once Moore touched Aran’s leg, the pirate started convulsing. The leg healed extraordinarily quickly, and he could stand on it a few minutes later. The leg was still badly scarred, but functional. Moore, afraid, told them to leave. James paid him for his services and they departed.
They went to Lester’s office to see what he knew about the mech theft. The Commander told them where it was stolen from, and that the theft was nearly silent. Visiting the warehouse, James saw that there were no drag marks on the ground, nor tire treads, meaning the mech was likely moved by another psion. Returning to the Calypso’s Revenge, Nguyen told the group about Russian ships, and how she would alert them if she spotted any on theirtrip to the Etherwood.
On their trip, Nguyen let them know that the Russians were on their tail. Aran ordered the ship to turn about-face, but the Russian dreadnought blew the iron armor off the rear before they could fully turn. Maxie helped speed up the turn, but the dreadnought broke an ether furnace in its second volley. Edward and Maxie lobbed potshots at the Russian crew at random, while Aran fired the spinal battery once the ship was in position. It punched a hole in the opposing ship, ripping open the cargo hold. James took the opportunity to board the Russian ship. He killed most of the topside crew, but was blindsided by the appearance of the mech. Edward missed a killshot on the pilot, and the mech opened fire on James. He fell, unconscious and bleeding, to the floor, and the spinal battery blew through the torso of the mech. It fell as well, and the Russians began a retreat. Maxie rescued James’ body from the ship, and Cookie bandaged him up.
They arrived in the Etherwood a few hours later, and it was suspiciously devoid of people. They found the meteor, and James reached out to touch it. His wounds were completely healed, and he felt truly happy. Maxie touched it, and she was thrown back from it. Aran touched it to see what would happen, but it just felt like a rock. Similar results for Edward. Maxie opened her eyes, and they were purple. She demanded to know where she was, and who those surrounding her were. After everyone stammered out answers to her insane questions, her eyes turned blue again. She had no memory of the event.


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