Cornelius Aran Phillips

Swashbuckling Victorian Age Indochinese Pirate

Attributes Level
Strength 12
Dexterity 15
Intelligence 10
Hit Total 13 +2
Health Points 12
Will 10
Perception 13
Fatigue Points 12
Basic Speed 6.75
Basic Move 6

Very Handsome ( + 6 on reaction rolls from those of other sex attracted to you, + 2 from others, additional -2 to those who already dislike you of the same sex)
Wealthy (5x starting wealth of $7,500)
Cultural Familiarity: East Asian, South Asian, British
Independent Income: 2%

Catfall ( subtract 5 yards from any fall, successful DX roll halves damage taken, cannot be bound)
Charisma Level 1 ( + 1 to all reaction rolls, + 1 to influence rolls, + 1 to Fortune-Telling, Leadership, Panhandling, and Public Speaking)
Common Sense (successful IQ roll when GM thinks you are doing something stupid requires a warning of stupidity)
Contact Group
Cultural Adaptability (never unfamiliar with other cultures)
Sensitive (roll at IQ-3, + 1 to Detect Lies, Fortunetelling, Psychology)
Very Fit ( + 2 to HT rolls, lose FP at half normal rate)
High Manual Dexterity Level 1 ( + 1 to DX when requiring fine motor skills)
Night Vision Level 5 (ignore up to -5 penalty for darkness)
Rapier Wit (use Public Speaking vs. opponents will, if successful, mentally stun enemy)
Social Chameleon (exempt from reaction penalties due to rank or status, + 1 on those who demand respect (kings, priests))
Talent-Smooth Operator Level 2 ( + 2 to Acting, Carousing, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Intimidation, Leadership, Panhandling, Politics, Public Speaking, Savoir-Faire, Sex Appeal, and Streetwise, + 2 to reaction rolls on con artists, politicians, salesmen (only if not trying to scam), learn these in 80% of the time normally required)
Voice ( + 2 to Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Mimicry, Performance, Politics, Public Speaking, Sex Appeal, and Singing, + 2 to reaction to anyone who can hear your voice)
Weapon Master-All Fencing Swords ( + 1 per dice if DX + 1 skill for weapon, + 2 per dice if DX + 2)

Alcohol Tolerance ( + 2 HT rolls related to drinking)
No Hangover

Bad Temper (make self-control roll in stressful situation, if fail, immediately attack cause of stress)
Pirates Code of Honor (never attack a buddy unless in fair open duel, always avenge any insult)
Greed (make self control check whenever payment is offered, if fail, take regardless of risk)
On the Edge (make self-control check whenever in life-threatening scenario, if fail, cannot back down from risk)
Miserliness (make self-control roll whenever spending money, if fail, refuse to spend money, if must spend, can’t stop haggling)
Overconfidence (make self-control roll whenever needing caution, if fail, go with it because you are totally capable of doing it, + 2 to reaction from young people, -2 to reaction for experienced)
Sadism (make self control check whenever given opportunity to ‘indulge desires’, -3 to reaction from people who discover this)
Scotophobia (take penalty when in deep dark)
Social Stigma/Criminal Record (normal people react at -1 when they hear of past, lawful citizens react at -2)

Congenial (always choose group action over single action)
Dislike Military Officers
Likes Swords
Proud ( react at -1 to orders, insults, slights)

Skills Level
Acrobatics 17
Body Language 13
Climbing 15
Detect Lies 14 +3
Erotic Art 16
Fast Talk 12+4
Gun-Pistol 16
Gun-Rifle 15
Leadership 10 +3
Melee Weapon-Saber 16
Sex Appeal 13 +4
Shiphandling-Airship 14
Fast Draw 17

2 points left

Good Thrusting Bastard Sword ($750)
Fine Saber ($2800)
Fine Cutlass ($1200)
Good Small Knife ($40)
4 Concussion Grenades ($60)
2 .38 Revolvers ($800)
1 Bolt Action Rifle ($350)


Sky’s their limit. Not ours.

Aran grew up in a military household, constantly moving around as a child. His father, Daniel Phillips, born and raised in Portsmouth, was the captain of the HMS Royal Challenger, and was constantly shifted between naval bases in Calcutta, Dhaka, Rangoon, Singapore, and Hong Kong. His father was a very strict and orderly man, and was obsessed with rank and status. Although he had initially married Aran’s mother Arisa Wan out of love, by the time Aran was a growing child, he no longer cared for Arisa, and had several affairs with numerous women. Aran had a great disdain for his father, and growing up, constantly hung out with people his father didn’t approve of, did things his father didn’t like. He spent a great deal of time exploring the streets, and was fascinated by the sky from a young age. According to his mother, when he was little, he tried to catch a falcon and almost cracked his skull on the ground. From this, he got his nickname, Helang, meaning falcon.

When Aran was nine, he remembered the changes that occurred. He remembered when the Malay people, so scared of the new powers some people had, closed Singapore’s harbor to prevent a boat of psions from entering the city. He never understood psionics, and never bothered. His realm was above, the sky, the seemingly never-ending blue. When he turned eighteen, a chance encounter with some smugglers introduced him to the world of piracy. After completing his time at one of the boring prep academies for the children of British people out there in the colonies, he abandoned his family to join the crew of the Aeolus’s Cutlass, a large and powerful pirate airship that possessed twenty guns and one hundred sailors, the scourge of the South China Sea. Starting out as a simple powder monkey, he slowly worked his way up in the ranks of the ship. When he was twenty-five, he was promoted to First Mate aboard the Aeolus’s Cutlass, and became close friends with the Captain, Chan Po-Yin, a middle aged Chinese man with more bastards then most people had teeth.

Unfortunately, within three months of his promotion, the Royal Aerial Corps put a twenty thousand pound bounty on the Aeolus’s Cutlass’s captain and crew. The ship was cornered by a large fleet of British airships off the coast of northern Australia, and the Cutlass barely survived. They crash landed the ship not to far from Palmerston, and the crew split up once they reached the city. Po-Yin, deciding his golden days as a pirate were far past him now, retired to live a life of luxury on Tahiti until he dies.

The loss of his ship did now stop Aran though, and he instead became a temporary privateer for the Dutch Aerial Corps in Sumatra. During this time, he successfully captured a particularly well built British ship by the name of the Eternal Torch, which he decided, and was allowed after much debate and negotiation, to keep the ship for himself. He christened it the Calypsos Revenge, and set out to carve his own in the world of East Indian piracy. He has spent the last three years slowly getting more and more wealthy, and gaining more and more recognition as one of the most dangerous pirates in the South China Sea.

Cornelius Aran Phillips

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