Attributes Level
Strength 22
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 15
Health 14
Hit Points 24
Will 15
Perception 14
Fatigue Points 14
Basic Speed 6.5
Basic Move 7

Combat Reflexes ( + 1 to all active defense rolls, + 1 to Fast-Draw, + 2 to Fright Checks. Never “freeze” in a surprise situation, get + 6 on all IQ rolls to wake up, or to recover from surprise or mental “stun.” Entire side gets + 1 on initiative rolls to avoid a surprise attack – + 2 if the leader.)
Ambidextrous (Never take penalty for using off hand)
Legal Enforcement Powers (Have the ability to make arrests, perform warranted searches, engage in covert investigation, carry a concealed weapon)
Gadgeteer (Can invent technology, but it requires time and money)
Signature Gear (Gun {Pistol}, Baldric {Horse})
Extra Attack (May take two attack actions in combat)
Fearlessness (3) ( + 3 to resist Intimidation, fright, -3 to all opposing Intimidation)

ST-based Wrestling

Addiction (Secret)
Bloodlust (Must make a killing blow, make self-control roll for avoiding combat)
Curious (Make self-control to avoid investigating interesting things)
Fanaticism (Willing to die for something)
Secret (Has a Secret!)

Skills Level
Wrestling 23
Armory 16
Brawling 16
Pistol 16
Intimidation 14 +1
Machinist 16
Tactics 13
Streetwise 14
Law-English Criminal 13
Savoire Faire-Police 15
Shortsword 16
Riding-Equestrian 11
Criminology 14
Running 13
Techniques Level
Neck Snap 18
Retain Weapon 17
Kicking 16
Elbow Strike 16
Knee Strike 16

Born in 1865, Edward lived on a farm in Essex. At the age of six, Edward was already large enough and strong enough to help his father and two brothers, who were six and eight years his seniors, on the farm while his sister, four years his senior, helped his mother. For two years, Edward gladly performed his daily chores. One night, Edward’s father shook him awake and whispered for him not to make a sound. Edward saw that his father was holding his shotgun, and realized that there was no time to ask questions. His father led him and the rest of his family down into the cellar. Just as they were closing the door behind them, bandits broke through the front door, and saw that they were heading into the cellar.

Edward’s dad told his family to escape through the outdoor exit while he dealt with the bandits there. As his family climbed out of the cellar, they heard shouting from behind them. A shotgun sounded twice from the cellar. The bandits shouted angrily and a pistol fired. As Edward closed the cellar door, he heard his father let out a final groan. His sister was crying as they tried to make it out to the field where they could hide.

As they reached the edge of the field, additional bandits leapt out from the shadows and grabbed them. Edward’s brothers managed to break free, but the bandits were armed and quickly cut them down. Edward, in the confusion his brothers caused, elbowed his own captor and grabbed his knife. Edward attacked the bandits holding his mother and sister, but the bandit holding his mother responded by slitting her throat. Edward managed to free his sister, but then a loud bang sounded from the house and his sister collapsed. Edward, not knowing what to do, ran into the field and to the road.

After about a half hour of heading down the road, Edward passed a team of policemen raced past him on horses. Two of the policemen stopped and asked Edward where he was coming from. Edward explained what had happened and one of the policemen rode off to tell the rest of them what they should expect. The other brought Edward to the Essex police station, where he waited for the police to report back from his house. After a couple hours, they returned. They reported that all of Edward’s family was confirmed dead, but managed to track down the bandits and apprehend them.

His family dead, Edward was advised to sell his family’s land to pay for a decent boarding school. He did this, allowing him to grow up with a good home and a good education, despite his lack of a family. While in this boarding school, Edward kept mostly to himself, studying mostly engineering and criminal law. Edward enjoyed tinkering, but wanted to join the police force as a way of thanking the police who brought those who killed his parents to justice as well as Queen Victoria, who made it so that there were trained and paid police outside of the city in 1856, as without her, there would be no one who would even been there to help him.


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