James Delvene

Inspector more extraordinaire

Attributes Level
Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Intelligence 16
Health 10
Hit Points 10
Will 13
Perception 19
Fatigue Points 14
Basic Speed 6.25
Basic Move 6
Skills Level
Brawling 16
Criminology 16
Detect Lies 20
Fast-Draw 16
Forensics 16
Guns (Pistol) 18
Guns (Shotgun) 18
Psi Lore 13
Shadowing 16
Speed Reading 15
Enhanced Time Sense
Comfortable Wealth
Altered Time Rate
Cultural Familiarity (America)
Acute Senses
Common Sense
Signature Gear
Eidetic Memory
Photographic Memory
Revolver .38 (2)
Talent 0
Reluctant Killer
Phobia (Crowds)
Phobia (Loud Noises)
Guilt Complex
Sense of Duty
On the Edge

The following is written from the perspective of Ryan Delvene:

“On James”

“My brother, James, is quite possibly the most unique psion I have ever worked with and the reason I got into the field of theoretical etherics. His powers are very strange in that they are an almost perfectly integrated system to his natural talents. Unlike any other psi, such as Maxine, whose powers almost seem like magic, James’ psi abilities are much more subtle. He cannot outwardly move an object with telekinesis as Maxine did with the mech, but he uses a variation of telekinesis to increase his own strength to inhuman levels. I have observed a similar power affecting his overall speed in relation to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, my brother’s unique gifts come with an equally unique cost in that he doesn’t seem to have full control over who he is when his powers are active. Whatever the ether does to change his physicality also changes his personality in very distinct ways. The most dangerous change is related to his speed ability. When my brother experiences his temporal quickening he loses the entire emotion of mercy, essential for the human mind to help differentiate friend from foe. When he speeds up, he perceives threats and non-threats, and cannot determine who his allies are. This power seems to be activated by any significant outside threats to someone’s, most often James’, well-being. On a dark note, my brother once tried to shoot himself in the head, but he involuntarily sped up and caught the bullet before it hit his skull. He kept trying, with all 16 rounds. As it turns out, all of his powers can also be activated by instinct as well as on command. I discovered his strength ability when he described how he tried to hang himself but only succeeded in snapping the rope and not his neck. By this time, I got James some serious help, but I don’t believe anyone could comprehend my brother’s hatred for his own abilities.

People call me the “Psion-Killer,” but, truth is, I love psions, especially my brother, more than anyone. But there are crazy people out there who would claim that my brother’s psionic gifts have not harmed my brother in any way, and they are wrong. My brother is a sweet and kind human being. If he was treated in a friendly manner, he never would have been what he is now. I truly hope that world will one day see that. Yet I really hope he never comes back to the British Isles. He never was happy here.

I feel that James’ background may explain a great deal about who he is as a person Since he was a kid, James has always been an oddity. He was often picked on for it, and with his perfect memory, he relives it in his head over and over again. It is certainly very hard to not believe you are a failure when that is all anyone ever tells you. Admittedly, even I was unfair to him when we were both young, but I never could have known how deeply it would damage him. My brother suffers from a guilt complex, so what you and I shrug off as a non-issue will cause him to beat himself up for it for the rest of his life. As a child, he never really met up to the standards my dad had for us. He would fidget at the table, answer questions not meant to be answered, and question the reasons behind my fathers commands. None of these actions were meant to spite my father as he may have believed, they were things that made my brother who he was, but no one, except Mother, was able to see it. I don’t remember much about Mom; she was murdered when I was ten. I shut that part out of my memory. Even now, it is still very painful to write about, but I remember that she and James were very very close. They never found who was responsible for our mother’s death, which James still beats himself up for, but on a humorous side, it was suspected that my father, the Honorable Judge Delvene himself, was responsible. It is almost always the spouse, but no conclusive evidence ever lead back to father as it shouldn’t have. My father was never a good man nor a good father, but a murderer? Never. James still doesn’t trust dad but that is merely an example of James’ paranoia.

A curiosity about my brother is his talent in healing. While I have yet to uncover an actual psionic healing factor with my brother, he has always had a knack for mending others’ wounds both physical and mental. He places a high value on life which is important to understanding the story of the first time James ever used his powers.

It started with the rape of our cousin and good friend, Arabella. She and I were both 16 at the time; James would’ve been roughly 13. James and I knew who had done it; Samuel Wester, possibly the most gruesome most grotesque human being to have ever walked this Earth. We only went to rough him up a bit, teach him a lesson, but before I knew it he pulled a gun on James and fired. I had pulled out my scouting knife at this point, and I thought I was going to watch James die. In an instant, James caught the bullet mid-air, disarmed Sam, and used Sam’s gun, and the fired bullet, to kill Sam. He then turned the gun at me, which caused me to drop my knife in fear. As quickly as he killed Sam, he returned to his normal self. Things went from bad to worse, as James suddenly found himself on trial for murder. Fortunately, evidence proved that the bullet that killed Sam had been fired twice corroborating my story, but while the jury was convinced, the public not so much. Ironically, my brother was known as the “Killer-Psion.” He was much less successful in dealing with the negative publicity than I am currently. He feels like he could have done something other than killing Sam. He has always been a very gentle person who believes there are better ways than killing. In fact, I don’t think he have it in him to take another person’s life unless he had no other choice.

He moved to America, and he has been very happy there. He was able to let go of his past."

James Delvene

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