Lilian "Lily" Bell

Scarily Smart

Attributes Level
Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 19
Health 10
Hit Points 8
Will 15
Perception 17
Fatigue Points 10
Basic Speed 5
Basic Move 5

Beautiful: ( + 4 reaction if attracted, + 2 otherwise)
Comfortably Wealthy: (2X starting wealth)
Charisma 5: ( + 5 reaction, + 5 influence)
Intuitive Mathematician: (Can perform calculations instantly)
Single-Minded: ( + 3 to extended tasks, -5 to notice distractions)
Tenure: (Cannot be fired)
Versatile: ( + 1 to imaginative tasks)
Voice: ( + 2 to Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Mimicry, Performance, Politics, Public Speaking, Sex Appeal, and Singing)
Smooth Operator Talent 2: ( + 2 to Acting, Carousing, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Intimidation, Leadership, Panhandling, Politics, Public Speaking, Savoir-Faire, Sex Appeal, and Streetwise)
Mathematical Ability Talent 1: ( + 1 to Accounting, Astronomy, Cryptography, Engineer, Finance, Market Analysis, Mathematics, and Physics)
Healer Talent 2: ( + 2 to Diagnosis, Esoteric Medicine, First Aid, Pharmacy, Physician, Physiology, Psychology, Surgery, and Veterinary)
Flight (Wings)

Curious: (Must investigate anything unusual)
Duty: (Is always working/researching)
Jealousy: (Hates those who appear ‘better’)
Pacifism (Reluctant Killer): (-4 to hit enemies with a face. If kills, morose and useless for 3d days)
Sadism: (Cruel, given the opportunity. -3 reaction if seen)
Careful: (Naturally cautious)
Chronic Depression: (Self-control roll to do anything (after killing))
Flashbacks: (If fail, -5 to all skill rolls for 1d minutes)
Insomniac: (Lose two hours of sleep per night per episode, 2d-1 nights between episodes)
Nightmares: (If fail, lose 1 FP for the day)

Skills Level
Area Knowledge (London) 19
Bioengineering/TL9 20
Carousing 12+2
Chemistry 19
Current Events (Headlines) 19
Detect Lies 19+2
Erotic Art 15
Fast Talk 19+4
Hidden Lore (Biotech) 20
Math/TL5 19+1
Physician 19+2
Psychology 19+2
Research/TL5 19
Sex Appeal 12+4
Surgery 19+2
Flight 20

Lilian knew she wanted to be a scientist. But those dreams were quickly stifled by corsets and petticoats. Born to a family a little more well-off than the average dock worker, Lilian seemed to be trapped between two worlds. She romanticized the docks near her home, but was pushed towards marrying a nobleman, someone who would raise the family’s status.
By the time she was fourteen, Lilian had learned when to leave the house to give herself enough time to explore the docks and get back home before her mother realized she was gone. This is where she learned how pretty she was, and how to use that fact against others. She perfected her image, while simultaneously perfecting her mind. At night, she took classes at night with a tutor after finishing her domestic duties. This tutor introduced her to a local professor, who taught her a bit more. He introduced her to another professor, who introduced her to another, who gave her a meeting with the dean. Impressed with her wit and charm, she was accepted to the university at seventeen.
Lilian spent the next three years at university, and was hired during her third semester at a biotech institute. After graduation, she dove head-first into her work. Great advancements in medicine and technology were made under her watch, including the discovery of genetic manipulation. Of course, she didn’t neglect her charm over these years. A few months after she was hired, she met a cute detective by the name of Ryan. They began dating, and he proposed six weeks ago.

Lilian "Lily" Bell

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