Ryan Delvene {Deceased}

Inspector extraordinaire


Ryan Delvene was born in a small town in Northern England. Ryan was a child of immense wealth; his father was a prominent judge in the British High Courts and a favored candidate for Parliament. However, Ryan has always been a down-to-earth and decent fellow. To the dismay of his father, Ryan decided to follow his own path to become a world-renowned detective. But Ryan isn’t your everyday constable patrolling the streets, quite the contrary, he is one of the foremost leaders in theoretical etherics, the study of psionics. He has taken a forensic approach to the field that has given him a unique outlook on the supposed “gods.” Some have called him a kook, quack, and even heretic, he calls himself a realist. Despite attaining a PhD in the field of theoretical etherics, he prefers to be called by his police title.

In recent news, Delvene has killed his partner, Thomas. He has been assigned to parole/partner with Edward, and he proposed to his girlfriend Lily Bell.

Ryan Delvene {Deceased}

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