Calypso's Revenge

The Calyspo's Revenge

The Calypso’s Revenge

Front Hull
1) Iron Armor (SL dDR 2)
2) Ether Furnace (1 Power Point)
3) Etherwood Armor (dDR 2)
***4) Spinal Battery (Fixed mount, 20 cm TL 5 + 1 gun)
5) Major Battery (1 turret with 16 cm TL 5 gun)«
*6) Powered Ether Sail ( .3 G accel.)
core) Habitat (2 cabins, 4 bunkrooms, 2 cells)
Central Hull
1) Iron Armor (SL dDR 2)
2) Ether Furnace (1 Power Point)
3) Etherwood Armor (dDR 2)
4) Secondary Battery (3 turrets with 12 cm TL 5 guns, 1 turret with 6 cm rapid fire TL 5 gun)
5) Ether Furnace (2 Power Points)
core) Spinal Battery (center)
Rear Hull
1) Iron Armor (SL dDR 2)
*2) Powered Ether Sail ( .3 G accel.)
3) Etherwood Armor (dDR 2)
4) Medium Battery (2 fixed mount 14cm TL 5 guns)
5) Spinal Battery (rear)
*6) Ether Screw (.2 G accel.)
core) Cargo Hold (49 tons normal, 1 ton refrigerated)
General Info.
Size: Medium
Class: Goldfish
Built: 1883
Christened: Dover Skydocks, Dover Airfield
Crew Breakdown
Captain: 1 Officer: 1
Engineers: 3 Gunners: 3
Boarders: 4 Cook: 1
General Stats.
HP: 70
HnD/SR: -1/5
Move: 0.8G
SM: +8
lWt: 1000 tons
dDR: 4/4/4
Occ: 28 A
Load: 52.8
Swag: 9001
The Crew of the Calypso’s Revenge
Role Name Status
Captain Cornelius Aran Phillips Alive
Navigation Officer Alex Dead
Engineers Nguyen Alive
Preston Alive
Talia Alive
Gunners Andres Alive
Kamnan Alive
Qadir Alive
Boarders Abrahem Alive
Omar Dead
Shekar Alive
Yohanes Alive
Cook Cookie Alive
Misc. Ryan Delvene Dead
Lilian “Lily” Bell Found

The Calypso’s Revenge was originally called the Eternal Torch, built by the British Aerial Corps as an escort vessel to protect trade ships from attack by pirates. Within two years of its service, it was captured by Privateer Aran Phillips and his crew aboard the Tiger’s Eye off the coast of Timor, as a part of the Dutch’s plan to disrupt British trade in the East Indies. Phillips was amazed by the ship, belonging to a new class of airships that had only just gone into production. He was able to convince the Dutch Aerial Corps to grant him the vessel, but not before he paid a substantial sum and ended his contract with them early. Phillips renamed it the Calypso’s Revenge after the ancient tale of Calypso and her eternal imprisonment on her island. Phillips has quite the crew on board his ship; though they may not be many, they are well equipped and well trained, and over the past few years, have become a force with which to be reckoned.

Calypso's Revenge

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