Chapter 5

Playing Corners

The crew woke to find James missing, with a note in his quarters. It read that he had given up, and was heading back to America. Noticing that he couldn’t have gotten far, and that the closest long-distance port was in London, the ship continued its course. Edward and Maxie thanked Aran for the ride, and he left London. Edward heard a rumour that an arm had washed up on the shore of the Thames, and that there was another murder outside the Wharf. He and Maxie investigated the arm first, determining it had belonged to a very fat individual before it was separated. Edward dropped the arm off on a constable before examining the body. He and Maxie fumbled around a bit before coming to the conclusion that he was a Member of Parliament. He likely died from shock or blood loss, as his throat was slit, his torso was ripped open, and his testes were ripped off. Maxie thought she saw something in the corner of her eye, but all she saw when she looked hard was an ordinary building. Edward noticed this, and the two of them spent some time inspecting the building. Witnesses had claimed the MP had dropped dead in the street, so a psion was likely involved somehow. The two of them refrained from touching the building itself, but Edward pressed a kitten up against the wall to see what would happen. It got very cold and began to shake before Maxie rescued it from him. Trying to sense something about the building, Maxie heard the corner whisper “Come back” in her mind. Stumped, the pair left to go home for the night.
Maxie went back to her estate, and Edward went to Ryan’s house and found James there, reading through his brother’s notes. James asked Edward about his whereabouts the night of Ryan’s death, and where the Calypso’s Revenge got so much etherwood, and why Maxie was lying to everyone. Edward shrugged off the questions, but soon got a phonecall. He was told that David was in danger, and to save him. Gathering everyone together, they stormed David’s apartment. Edward got there first, and saw David fighting with an Irish woman. She was wearing a cloak and brandishing two knives. She was shouting at David, and she mocked Edward when he made his presence known. he teleported David away, and the two fought viciously over rooftops. It ended when the woman dropped David from on high and teleported away. James found that he wasn’t quite dead yet, and they rushed to a doctor Edward claimed to know. The giant carried David into a large townhouse and came back a few minutes later. Maxie heard the corner of the townhouse whisper to her, and James heard it whisper “Let her go”. Convinced something must be following them, James pried open a sewer grate to search the underground. At that moment, a skeletal hound jumped from the corner onto Maxie.


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