Chapter 7

Filling In

Edward quickly cut the head off David’s body, and the scream slowly died down. James initially asked Maxie what was happening, but quickly turned on Edward. He interrogated the giant as to his intentions, and his dealings with Marco. Edward revealed his location on the night of Ryan’s murder, and told the group about what he knew of the Imperial Dawn of Victoria. Isaac had introduced him to Marco, so James asked Isaac if he knew Edward. Isaac responded that he did, and James asked about Marco. Isaac had no idea about anyone named Marco, and insisted that he was the leader of the Dawn. Disgusted with them all, James returned to Maxie, or Ryder, to ask her about the Hound. She laughed at him and tried to leave, saying that it was too dangerous. She remembered that they had all touched the Hound, though, and so they were marked as well. They would die without her help, so she decided to stay on with them temporarily. Aran entered the room at that moment, and told James to start looking for Lily harder. He answered what questions he could about Alex’s kidnapping, and the oil spot in Dublin. Edward suggested they investigate David’s apartment, see if there were any clues as to where Emer may have gone, and why she was here in the first place. James caught her on David’s couch, but she teleported away before he could react. She dropped the book she was reading, The Man Who Would Be King. Edward found that she had moved in to the apartment, it was packed with what appeared to be her belongings, including several stolen trinkets and luxuries. James found a few tallow candles and two liters of blood in a jar. Taking the jar, they left for Lester to talk with him. Edward and James discovered that while Lester knew Marco and spoke highly of him, the Commander had not heard of Isaac. Lester promised to look into what was happening with the Dawn, and gave James notice that a file involving all known cases of Irish women and theft in the past twenty years (to pinpoint Emer) would be waiting for him in three weeks’ time.


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