Chapter 8

Finding the Ripper

James picked up the file from Scotland Yard. After reading it and pinpointing Emer Coghlan as the most likely suspect. She disappeared from Cork in 1881, but resurfaced in London in 1886. James tells Edward about the discovery, and Edward lets James know that two more women were found dead. One, Elizabeth Stride, was killed by a quick slice to the throat, while the other, Catherine Eddowes, had her kidney and uterus removed. Investigating the crime scenes, the two inferred that Stride had witnessed Eddowes’ murder and fled the scene, causing the Ripper to give chase and kill her quickly. A constable delivered the news after some time that a body had been discovered in the vault under New Scotland Yard. Edward let James past the barricade, and they found a naked torso, the head and limbs cut off. It appeared to belong to a middle-aged woman. A note was tied to the top of the body. It read To Ryan, Come and get me. On the back, it read I kept my promise. James realized this was the body of the woman Emer threatened when she met with Ryan. He confronted Lester about Ryan’s death, and demanded to see the body. After Edward agreed, Lester relented and led them to a secret undercellar that had the same architecture as the basement of the townhouse. Ryan’s body was laid out on the table, and James learned about the psionic blade that killed him. Feeling betrayed by the police, James lashed out at Lester and was asked to leave. He did, reluctantly, allowing Edward and Lester to discuss Dawn business.
Several other Dawn members appeared in a circle, seemingly teleporting into the room in a puff of smoke. Edward recognized himself and Lester, Marco, Isaac, Andre, Tom, and Emer. Two others introduced themselves as Dr. Daniel Brown and the Right Honourable Henry Delvene. Edward learned that the Dawn didn’t approve of Emer’s recent activities, especially the fact that the police were beginning to take an interest in her associates. Marco telepathically told Edward to fetch the rest of the team; the giant delegated to James upstairs. Edward continued to talk with the Dawn, specifically Marco. He revealed that the ‘cultists’ in the basement were just meant as a distraction from Dublin: they looked the same and said things in unison to save concentration. Also, Marco really hated Emer. He despised her and everything she stood for, and wouldn’t mind seeing her dead. James and the others walked downstairs, and Emer immediately teleported away. She brought back Alex, holding her at knifepoint for insurance. She wanted the jar of blood James had stolen. He responded that he had destroyed it, so Emer slit Alex’s throat. Aran went berserk at this sight, and stabbed Isaac. Emer got away with Alex’s body, and the rest of the Dawn tried to run. Ryder slapped Aran before turning to try and capture Marco in a force field. Edward restrained him, but was flung against a wall. Ryder accidentally captured Mr. Delvene, allowing Marco to get away, while Edward grabbed Aran again. Isaac stayed with James after the gunslinger stole his stab wound and regenerated.
James went insane when he saw his father. He shot himself in the arm, then the old man in both knees. He stole the wounds, but was too tired to heal them. Edward carried James to a doctor and let his dad go. Once he woke up, James was furious at everyone for allowing his father to go free, revealing that the MP had killed his mother. Determined to do something good, Aran suggested storming Emer’s apartment, killing her, and rescuing Lily. Maxie would stay on the roof to tire Emer out, while the rest of the team would keep the teleporter moving so she would be unable to dodge effectively. It worked well, with Emer’s first response being to get to the roof. Unfortunately, Aran followed her. Maxie only drained her a little before the killer noticed the pirate. She plunged a knife deep into his face, and he disappeared. Emer was confused, but felt too tired to investigate. Aran reappeared in the apartment, bleeding profusely. James quickly stole the wound, then slowly regenerated. Edward escorted Lily outside, then came back in to see Emer pop back into the apartment. She did a double-take when she saw James’s wound, but slowly went to collect her things (“her things” being a jar of warm blood and a large satchel). Aran swung at her and missed, she dodged Edward’s cutlass, and she moved out of the way of James’s shot. She teleported away with the blood, leaving Lily with the group.

Three years passed.


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