Ryan Conversation I

Inspector Delvene,

Your presence is required at the Millbank Prison. Your partner will be released today, and you are expected to see him acclimated to modern society. You are his parole officer as well, and you are to report any wrongdoings on his part in the next three months. His eventual freedom is contingent on your recommendation. The two of you are to investigate rumours of a docked airship by the name of the Calypso’s Revenge in the Wharf district.

Thank you,

“Commander? Commander Lester?”
“Yes, Inspector?”
“I, ah… I wanted to talk to you about my new partner. I thought that… at least tell me a name.”
“His name’s Edward.”
“Edward. You’re letting a prisoner as my partner. I know you don’t exactly trust me with a partner, especially considering what happened to my last one…”
“He’s good police. He can take care of himself.”
“But why… what is he in jail for? What background does he have?”
“He was… before he was incarcerated… he was a Chief Inspector, and he was put away for violent crime. As you read, you’re his parole officer. Make sure he doesn’t go down that path again.”
“I work… I feel that people don’t change. They could change for a period of time, but I don’t know if three months is enough time to judge.”
“You recommendation is key to his freedom. Three months, four months, six, a year, however long it takes for you to believe in his character. Take as much time as you need.”
“Yes. But what has this man done, exactly?”
“He, ah… he was put away for murder.”
“Murder one, two or three?”
“At some point, all of the above.”
“Why? What is profited by releasing such a dangerous man? Even if he was once police?”
“He’s needed.”
“For what?”
“That’s above your pay grade.”
“So, you’re partnering me… you don’t really want me to take my time, you want me to quickly clear him and quickly send him on his way so he can go back to doing whatever the hell you got him out for.”
“That would not be inaccurate.”
“Am I wrong, or is this a career suicide mission?”
“How do you mean?”
“Well, it seems like I lose either way. One way, I pass him on. He becomes Chief Inspector again, quickly goes up the ranks. Or, I don’t pass him on, because he’s not ready. I keep him down. Eventually, I get replaced because my superiors don’t like my decision. And what if I do let him go? Then he goes back to his old ways and hurts somebody, then I take the fall for it. I’m your fall guy.”
“Make sure that doesn’t happen.”
“Alright. What are this man’s talents? What’s he good at? I assume killing, but besides that, what can he do?”
“He’s remarkably intelligent. He’s fast, he’s strong, he’s smart. And… well, you’ll see once you meet him.”
“Okay. … I expect a raise. I thought I went solo.”
“You have to be a team player in this department, Inspector.”
“Alright. So, the Calypso’s Revenge. Do you know anything more than that it’s in the Wharf district? What type of crew, what type of captain? What should I expect to see?”
“All we have are rumours, Ryan. But the rumours say it’s a small crew with a very dangerous captain. His name is unknown, but the ship has been raiding all thr-”
“Is this a kill on sight?”
“What was that?”
“Is this a kill on sight mission?”
“No. Do not kill. Bring him in alive.”
“And what if he can’t be brought in?”
“Bring him in.”
“Okay. What kind of backup will I be receiving?”
“Do you really have that much faith in this guy?”
“Once you see him, you’ll understand why.”
“You keep saying that. What does he look like?”
“… So… um. In the Wharf, should I expect help from the locals, or…?”
“I would expect exactly the opposite. The Wharf is populated by street rats and dock whores. Expect resistance every step of the way.”
“And why am I not getting backup?”
“You are. His name is Edward.”
“I don’t see how one man can overpower an entire pirate crew.”
“Two men. That’s why you’re not going alone.”
“Right. Now, what kind of airship are we talking about?”
“It’s different than what you might have seen before. It was stolen from Her Majesty’s docks a few years ago. It’s an experimental design called the… Goldfish, I believe. It’s unique.”
“So not only is he a dangerous pirate captain, but he’s also got one of the most advanced ships in the world?”
“Advanced by the standards of five years ago, yes. We have made progress since then.”
“But his ship is still dangerous?”
“Oh, yes. Capture the ship as well.”
“Is there any way to disable this Goldfish’s weapons or engines without destroying the entire ship?”
“Right… unlike most ships, it doesn’t run on the same etheric batteries that we’re used to. It’s not psionic. There are no psions in his crew.”
“How? How is this possible?”
“Your guess is as good as mine. I’m not an engineer, I’m police.”
“Yes, but you’re one of the smartest men on the force. You’re Commander, after all.”
“If memory serves, your fiancĂ©e is one of the smartest women in the kingdom. How about you ask her?”
“I will. I’ll visit her first, then I’ll see to your prisoner and his parole.”
“Good man. I expect to see the both of you back here tomorrow, with the Calypso’s Revenge in tow.”
“Yes sir. And do we know where on the port it is?”
“It’s in the Wharf district, not the main port. You’ll find it. Now, go home.”
“Yes sir.”

“What are you doing here?!”
“Well, I have a new job, and-”
“You’re not an Inspector anymore?”
“No, a new… task. I’m still police! You’re smart… think. Anyway, I’m getting a new partner, and our first mission together is to go after a ship which my commander knows absolutely nothing about. Just me, and my partner.”
“But… you work alone?”
“My new partner who I am picking up from prison for murders one, two, and three. Needless to say, I don’t trust him and I don’t think he’ll be able to protect me or my ass out there in the field. The thing is, the ship that I’m going after, the airship, is a strange model. It’s a Goldfish class airship. The thing that struck me is that the Commander said it doesn’t run on etheric energy like a normal ship. A psion doesn’t operate it. I don’t even know how this is possible. Do you have any ideas as to what could be powering this thing?”
“An airship that doesn’t run on etheric energy? I- I don’t even kn- I’ve thought about… ugh… Do you know anything about it? How fast it can go, how big it is? If it’s small enough, it might be able to run on steam…”
“Steam! They might have a boiler. It would keep them afloat.”
“Wouldn’t they need a constant source of water? A very large source of water that would make it significantly heavier?”
“I’m… I have no idea. I don’t know. Maybe… wait, who’s ship is this?”
“The Commander has no idea who this is, only that it is imperative that I bring him and his entire crew back to him alive with a criminal at my side. A murderer.”
“This is very peculiar. But where has this airship been? Do you know? Where is it going?”
“It’s drydocked in the Wharf, called the Calypso’s Revenge.”
“Calypso, Calypso… where have I heard that name? Oh! Calypso was a Caribbean goddess, wasn’t she? Was this ship built in the Caribbean?”
“Well, there’s your source of water! It’s an island ship, it should never get too high. It always has a siphon of water from the sea, the ocean. If it’s powered by steam.”
“So there’s a long hose connecting it to the water? At all times?”
“I have no idea. It sounds dreadfully inefficient!”
“Well, do you think there would be an easy way for me to take down this ship without destroying it completely? My original plan, of course, was to take out the psion powering the thing. Obviously, that plan won’t work now.”
“Every ship needs a mechanic, an engineer, to keep the engines running. Find him, take him out.”
“But I have to keep them all alive. And I’m going in with a murderer.”
“This doesn’t make any sense.”
“If I don’t make it back tonight, I love you. Okay?”
“No, you’re… shut up. Look, after you bring it in, take me where you’re storing it. I’ll examine it, alright?”
“Would you like to come with us? If you can?”
“On the mission?”
“It might be useful to have a second pair of eyes. One that isn’t owned by a criminal. Just so I might have an idea of what the hell is going on.”
“I’m just as clueless as you are, though! And, I mean, danger… and violence I don’t know.”
“You won’t be near any of it. I’ll be there, and I’ll keep you safe. Okay? But I could use the help from someone who knows a bit more than I do.”
“I… I suppose I…”
“You’d be the best to recognize who’s who, and what jobs they do.”
“Good. And no one would hurt you, you’re a pretty girl.”
“Well… hm. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Show you. I suppose now is as good a time as any.”
“Of course it is.”
“You know the way to my lab?”
“Okay, go there. Wait for me. I’ll be a few minutes, I have to finish up here.”
“I’m a psion specialist… not an airship specialist…”
(Lily walks into the lab holding a long blue syringe)
“What’s that?”
“Unique. It’s what I’ve been working on for the past… I don’t know how long. Three ye- two. The past two years I’ve worked on this.”
“And… this does?”
“Oh! Um, it lets me fly.”
“What? Wait, what?”
“Here, hold on. Close the door please.”
(Lily injects herself and convulses)
“What are you doing to yourself?!”
“Hold on. Um, back away please. Just a few steps.”
“Have you tested this?”
“Of course! Hng… no.”
“You’re crazy. What the…”
“No. Please, step back a little bit.”
“Okay, I’m back. I’m back.”
(Lily doubles over and grows wings before standing back up)
“Um… are those permanent?”
“Maybe! I don’t know.”
“You didn’t try this on any animals? Or any test subjects?”
“Well, sure, but it’s different for everyone. Or, everything that we’ve tried it on. Even individuals within the same species, within the same family, it works differently on them.”
“So how did you know it would give you wings?”
“Well, it gives everything wings. Except avians, of course, it just heightens their natural abilities. So it alters the genome to alter this gene, right, this gene package, but for each species and for each individual within that species, it reacts to the genome differently. So… it’s… it was a risk, I’m sorry.”
“No, it makes sense. Basically, you’re giving people traits that they don’t have. With this technology, you could grant intelligence, or strength, or sanity.”
“In theory, yes. We only have this one, though. But the theory works! All we need is a different type of the serum.”
“Could this… could this technology be used to remove traits? Like, maybe someone just finds sleeping a bit harder, could you remove that? Could you help him?”
“I don’t know. Maybe.”
“And can you move those? Might make sleeping a bit harder.”
“Sure! They’re a part of my body now. Like my arms, or my toes.”
“Do they work?”
“I don’t know yet. I’m inside, Ryan.”
“Well, let’s go try them out.”
“Not here though. Somewhere else. How about the woods, outside of the city?”
“Sounds good.”
(Lily folds the wings into her back as the two catch a taxi)
(She unfurls in the forest, and she can fly)
“This… this is really amazing, Lily!”
“Isn’t it, though?”
“Not only am I married to the smartest, prettiest, most wonderful girl in the world, now I’m married to the only girl who can fly. That’s pretty amazing.”
“It is. But I feel like I got the bum deal in this relationship! You get all this, and what do I get? Little old Ryan Delvene.”
“Hey. Hey! I’m pretty damn smart. I-I- and I’m definitely nice to you…”
“You’re right, you’re better than… other people.”
“Fine, you win! You win. You’re better than me. You’re the better half.”
“Damn right. I’ve got to back to work, though. If only to see if I can get rid of these! Have fun at work.”
“Yeah, fun. Right. That’s what I’ll have. I’ll see if I can pick you up before… you know. Wings might be quite helpful!”

Ryan Conversation I

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